Passive fishermen's Norfolk cottages

Three award-winning affordable homes in scenic North Norfolk have achieved passive certification while embracing a unique local style of architecture.


Building type:Terrace of three 76 sqm passivetwo-bedroom homes (the wider development included three further units).
Location: Burnham Overy Staithe, on the North Norfolk Coast, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Completion date: Feb 2014
Budget: Part of a larger scheme totalling £980k. Actual build cost £1,022 per sqm excluding preliminaries, externals and fees
Passive house certification: Certified
Space heating demand (PHPP): 14 kWh/m2/yr
Heat load (PHPP): 9 W/m2
Primary energy demand (PHPP): 108 kWh/m2/yr
Environmental assessment method: Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4
Other standards & awards: The houses also deliver against the Homes and Communities Agency’s housing quality indicators, while complying with the Joseph Rowntree Lifetime Homes standard and achieving 14 points
under CABE’s Building for Life standard.
Airtightness (at 50 Pascals): 0.60 ACH
Energy performance certificate (EPC): Pending
Measured energy consumption: 12 months not available but four months shows 8.72 W/m2 heat load
Thermal bridging: Thermal bridging generally eliminated. Worst-case 0.1 psi value employed for the full length of the party wall, and for the Helifix stainless steel fixings used for the small area of timber boarding between the windows. Cavalok BigBlok insulated cavity closers and Ancon Teplo Tie basalt wall ties also used.
Ground floor: Raft foundation with 400mm Styrofoam XPS insulation. U-value: 0.078
Brick-clad walls: 100mm facing brick (or 200mm flint/backing block) external leaf, followed behind by 300mm cavity fully filled with Isover Hi-Cav 32 glass mineral wool, 100mm dense block inner leaf and Gypsum
Hardwall plaster internally for airtightness. U-value: 0.096
Timber clad walls: 13mm plaster; 100mm blockwork; 200mm Isover Hi-Cav insulation; 100mm Kingspan Kooltherm K5 insulation; 38mm battens/cavity; 19mm timber boards. U-value: 0.104
Main roof: Tiles and wind-tight space on 400mm Crown Loft Roll 40, followed underneath by 100mm Crown Loft Roll 40 between bottom chords of truss, 13mm OSB, Pro Clima Intello membrane, 120mm airspace/service void, Gyproc wallboard. U-Value: 0.079
Pitched roof, sloping ceilings: 12.5mm Gyproc Wallboard Duplex; 300mm Kingspan Kooltherm K7; 18mm OSB; membrane; battens; tiles.U-value: 0.079
Windows & doors: Munster Joinery EcoClad 120 triple-glazed timber windows with aluminium cladding. Warm edge spacers, lowe glass and dual seal for airtightness. PassiveHouse Institute certified. Installed window Uvalue: 0.85 (as per PHI certificate). Also Munster Joinery EcoClad doors.
Heating & ventilation system: Genvex Combi 185L unit. Passive House Institute certified. Combines heat recovery ventilation with an air-to-water heat pump.

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