Irish circulation - UK circulation

The Irish and UK editions of Passive House Plus have a combined circulation in excess of 17,000 copies. At the time of writing (for issues circulated from July 2017 to June 2018) the UK edition has an independently audited circulation of 10,046 copies, while the Irish edition comes in at 7,343 - the 2nd largest circulation of any Irish business magazine*.

These figures are conservative, in that they don't count the digital version of the magazine, or copies of the magazine distributed at conferences and exhibitions, or copies circulated outside of our mass mail outs. They only count copies either circulated via our third party distribution company or sold through the shops.

The digital readership is bound to start growing substantially, thanks to our recent decision to make all back issues freely available online. To date the UK and Irish editions of Passive House Plus have respectively attracted an average of circa 2,100 to 2,000 reads each. To date the digital magazine boasts 27,041 Irish readers, and 24,358 UK readers - as well as over 10,000 from North America, among other places.

Not only is our readership substantial – it’s highly targeted too. Our priority, unsurprisingly, is to circulate to people actively interested in designing, building & upgrading to passive or near passive levels, as well as other aspects of sustainable building.

Who are our readers?

They’re a broad bunch of designers, builders and clients, all united by a shared need for reliable information on passive, near passive and sustainable approaches to building.

In terms of their motivations, they might best be summed up as the converted and the compelled. The first group are motivated to go passive & sustainable of their own accord. The second group are compelled by changing market conditions. Most obviously, this now includes anyone designing or building a new home in Ireland, because recent changes to Irish building regulations have brought requirements for new homes to the cusp of passive house standards. Yes, you read that correctly.

As was the case with Construct Ireland, our readers will pore over Passive House Plus to fill their urgent need for reliable information on the solutions that work, as exemplified in our case studies, technical articles and information on the credentials of product suppliers.

Essentially, if you have a sustainable product or service to promote, you couldn’t handpick a better audience.