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These are unprecedented times for both the publishing and construction industries, and against the backdrop of Covid-19, it is more challenging than ever to keep a sustainable building magazine afloat – in spite of a significant spike in readership.

But while the pandemic is first and foremost in all our minds, the world still faces a climate emergency, and closer to home, we have immediate housing crises to deal with.

If you value the work we do to promote high performance buildings, and a more sustainable built environment, please consider supporting us.

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You can also donate directly to the magazine via Paypal or wire transfer below. All donations go directly to our efforts to promote evidenced-based low energy and low carbon buildings. We will be publishing a list of all those who donate to thank them for their support. To be clear: we’re not a charity. We are, technically, a for profit company, though we have always been motivated to put principles above profit, and to invest profits back into quality journalism to educate and campaign for approaches to building that tread lightly on the earth.

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For businesses that value the work we do to promote the passive house standard and energy efficient building, please consider advertising in the magazine to support our work, and to reach a large, targeted and engaged audience of clients, designers and tradespeople working to deliver sustainable new build and retrofit projects.

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