Why you need to be seen in Passive House Plus

"It is always a pleasure to work with the Passive House Plus team. They provide a wealth of information, support and time to provide the best advert. Launching a new product is never easy, but in the space of only two months we’ve received over 150 enquiries through two issues of the magazine and all have been very fruitful. Not only do the enquiries come through the magazine, they also come direct to our website and we have been quoting straight after the magazine is out. A lot of the customers enquiring have genuine current projects and this is reflected in how many respond to our follow ups.

Jeff Colley, the editor, also always has time to discuss possible features and ways we can work together to provide the best copy. It is no doubt in my mind that this team are one of the best I have dealt with out of the many publications we use. They deliver and they deliver quality!"
Elizabeth Assaf, Urban Front

If you're not seen in Passive House Plus, you risk not being seen as a sustainable brand.

Published in separate Irish and UK editions, Passive House Plus is an award-winning quarterly magazine focused on highly energy efficient, healthy, sustainable buildings.

Passive House Plus is an editorially led, high quality production. Passive house isn't just a phrase to bandy about – it's the world's leading energy performance standard - backed by over a quarter of a century worth of monitoring studies, and endorsed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's most recent climate change mitigation report as one of the key options available for reducing carbon emissions from buildings.

But sustainable building is about much more than just energy performance. That's why there's a "plus" in our name. Most people who build or upgrade to passive or near passive levels add other sustainable features to their build – using renewable energy systems & green materials, protecting indoor air quality, conserving water and treading lightly on the environment. Passive House Plus endeavours to address this broad range of issues.


"Passive House Plus is rapidly becoming the highly respected cool new ethical architectural magazine. It's immediately recognisable as a quality magazine with seriously good design and journalistic standards and I feel sure it is here to stay."
Justin Bere, bere: architects

"Passive House Plus is an ideal vehicle for our market because it’s read by people interested in sustainable construction. We get a much higher conversion rate from advertising in Passive House Plus than any other periodical."
Peter Seymour, business development director, Ecocem Ireland

If you would like to advertise in Passive House Plus magazine or on our website, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 00353 (0)1 2107513.