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In issue 38 of Passive House Plus we published an in-depth assessment comparing the build specs including five wall types to a typical Irish house. To enable the industry to fairly compare a broader range of build options, we now expand that analysis with the addition of four timber frame wall types and two insulated concrete formwork systems

Superb airtightness result for Manchester ICF house

A new passive house in Manchester, built by Passive Building Structures, has achieved an airtightness test result of 0.31 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals on its final blower door test, easily beating the passive house airtightness standard of 0.6.

Amvic Ireland launches passive standard ICF system

Amvic Ireland, long-known for its dual-insulated concrete formwork (ICF), has announced the launch of its new ultra-energy efficient wall system for passive-standard buildings.

ICF fast & reliable for social housing — Amvic Ireland

The inherent qualities of Amvic insulated concrete formwork (ICF) make it ideal for meeting the demands of local authorities and housing associations for fast build times and reliable delivery programmes, according to leading supplier Amvic Ireland.

Amvic ICF delivers rapid build NZEB schemes

Leading insulated concrete formwork (ICF) supplier Amvic Ireland has emphasised its ability to deliver rapid construction times for new dwellings.

Monolith ensures traditional finish on new ICF project

When looking at new technologies and projects, developers and self-builders might assume that if you’re building with ‘new’ methods such as ICF, SIPS, timber frame and steel frame that you can’t achieve a traditional facade.

Amvic Ireland ICF gets updated Agrément cert

Amvic Ireland has announced that the NSAI Agrément certificate for the company’s insulated concrete formwork (ICF) system has been updated to include its new Amvic 300 polystyrene block. Amvic Ireland is a leading Irish supplier of ICF systems for low energy and passive buildings.

Two new low energy schemes built with Amvic ICF

Amvic Ireland, the Kildare-based manufacturer of insulated concrete formwork (ICF) systems for low energy and airtight buildings, is currently on site with two new ICF developments in the west of Ireland. 

New coastal ICF home goes passive at low costs

This house on the coast of County Waterford is built from an insulated concrete formwork shell that delivers an inherently warm and airtight construction, and easily exceeds passive house targets.

Passive aggressive

The emergence of the passive house in Ireland
Imagine moving into a house without a heating system – what would you do? Contact the developer and demand they put one in immediately? Call a solicitor and sue the builder? Or sit back and enjoy living in a house, designed to meet your expectations of comfort without any recourse to a space heating system. Jason Walsh met the people behind Ireland’s drive toward the passive house.

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