Passive house in New Mexico cheaper than conventional build

Not only is this home in Sante Fe, New Mexico a certified passive house, but architects MoSA say it cost 6.5% less to build than a conventional dwelling in the area too.

Completed in April last year, the walls of the three-bedroom timber frame dwelling are insulated with 250mm of EPS rigid foam. A solar thermal system provides all of the house's heating and hot water, while a small photovoltaic array features too.

The house also boasts low-VOC finishes and low energy lighting plus passive house staples like triple-glazing and heat recovery ventilation. It was certified by the Passive House Academy, which was founded by Irish passive house veterans Tomás O'Leary and Art McCormack, both of Mosart.  

Photos: Amadeus Leitner

Last modified on Friday, 03 May 2013 11:44

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