Ecological launch new guide to window sealing systems

Ecological launch new guide to window sealing systems

Ecological Building Systems has published a brand new guidance document on window sealing systems.

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A typical house loses at least 10% of its heat through windows. It is well known that thermally efficient quality windows lead to significant improvements in comfort, airtightness and acoustics. With the introduction of more stringent requirements to reduce heat loss, people are making significant investments in high performance windows. The building industry has come a long way from singleglazed windows which attained a U-value of only 4.8. Modern triple-glazed windows can attain U-values of 0.78 or lower, a reduction of heat loss by over six times.

But the thermal performance of a window is very much dependent on the quality of the installation. This is pertinent not only in new construction, but particularly in the retrofit of moderately or poorly insulated buildings.

An incorrectly installed high performance window can lead to a substantial reduction in performance. But on the other hand, high quality window installation can lead to: improved comfort; reduced air infiltration and therefore energy savings; faster return on investment; reduced risk of thermal bridging; reduced risk of condensation and mould; improved acoustics, and improved durability.

Niall Crosson, senior engineer with Ecological, says: “Having trained many building professionals and contractors in the delivery of airtight, wind tight and thermal bridge free buildings, it is clear that window and door junctions are the weakest links in the airtightness and insulation layer. This guide provides a brief synopsis of key solutions to realise optimum performance and continuity between windows and the building fabric utilising Pro Clima intelligent airtight and wind tight solutions and Bosig Phonotherm compressive resistant upcycled insulation.”

Pro Clima window and door sealing components have been verified by the renowned IFT Rosenheim, the leading testing institute in Germany and Europe for windows and façades.

This new publication is now available on Ecological’s website

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