Prodomo offer certified thermal brackets for windows and doors

Prodomo offer certified thermal brackets for windows and doors

Sustainable building product supplier Prodomo Ireland is now supplying Triotherm thermal brackets for windows and doors to the Irish market.

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Triotherm thermal brackets are made from high density expanded polystyrene and are 100 per cent recyclable. They are certified by the Passive House Institute, approved by IFT Rosenheim, and CE certified too.

“Triotherm thermal brackets are designed to be easy to handle and cut, resistant to ageing, and to simplify thermal detailing around windows and doors. They are highly loading bearing and infinitely extendable,” said Philip Nickol of Prodomo Ireland. “Installing windows and doors has become more challenging over the last decade due to increasing insulation requirements and heavier triple glazed windows and doors. However, for many reasons, traditional materials for supporting windows and doors are no longer suitable.”

Nickol continued: “For example the load bearing capacity of timber isn’t certified, and there is always a risk of rot. Steel brackets will definitely carry the weight of doors and windows, but these have to be specially manufactured, and they create a major thermal bridge. And the common strategy of filling the space underneath the threshold with concrete, once a door is installed, will lead to problems with thermal bridging and moisture transfer.

“The U-values of doors and windows can also be substantially degraded by thermal bridging caused by the use of highly heat-conductive materials like concrete or steel. By contrast Triotherm has the same insulating value as mineral wool insulation. It has a high load transfer performance to support all types of windows and doors and simplifies the entire installation process thanks to the wide variety of available dimensions and accessories, like waterproof tanking when used beneath door thresholds.”

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