Pro clima launch spray applicator for airtight paints

Pro clima launch spray applicator for airtight paints

Pro clima have launched Aerofixx, an innovative handheld spray applicator for the Aerosana Visconn range of airtightness liquid paints.

The spray applicator simplifies the intricate airtightness details often seen in retrofit or new build. Aerofixx is designed to greatly simplify airtightness details and present installers with a unique solution to address often complex and time-consuming airtightness details.

It allows for the quick and easy application of Aerosana Visconn and Aerosana Visconn Fibre onto both rough and smooth substrates such as timber, concrete blocks, wood fibre boards, OSB, stone and plaster. Its small, portable design allows for it to be operated using only one hand and is ideal for creating an airtight seal in hard-toreach areas.

Aerosana Visconn and Aerosana Visconn Fibre come in ready-to-use 600 ml foil cartridges and the rate of spray can be easily adjusted to suit the installer’s needs.

Pro clima have also launched Solitex Fronta Quattro FB Connect, a flame-retardant (B-s1, d0), UV resistant, wind-tight breather membrane for open jointed cladding up to 30 mm, incorporating an integrated wind-tightness tape for sealing laps.

The membrane does not include any printed branding, making it ideal for installation behind open jointed cladding. The integrated ‘connect’ tape ensures quick and reliable adhesion at all horizontal laps maximising wind-tightness and weather protection.

Given the increased awareness in relation to the fire resistance of building materials. Solitex Fronta Quattro FB offers increased safety while also permitting the building envelope to breathe. Both new pro clima products are available from Ecological Building Systems.

‘Understanding Passivhaus’

Meanwhile, Ecological Building Systems has contributed to the second edition of the book Understanding Passivhaus by Emma Walshaw. Among the many outstanding case studies and in-depth details included within the publication, Ecological’s group technical manager, Niall Crosson, provided his own passive house as a sample case study including in-depth details for airtightness, wind tightness and thermal continuity. The book is ideal for passive house enthusiasts and can be purchased from

Crosson has also recorded a series of video blog posts outlining the philosophy and products used in his own passive build.

You can watch them at passive-house-insulation-series.

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