Ecological launch range of new airtightness products

Ecological launch range of new airtightness products

Ecological Building Systems have announced the launch of the new pro clima products Tescon Sprimer, Aerosana Viscon and Roflex Solido to the Irish and UK Markets. These new airtightness solutions “expand pro clima’s market leading range of high quality sealing systems for inside and out”.

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Tescon Sprimer is a sprayable primer for wood, wood-fibre boards, masonry, roofs, walls and ground slabs. After the primer has been spray-applied, pro clima adhesive tapes such as Tescon Vana, Contega Solido and the Extoseal range can then be applied. Tescon Sprimer is easy to apply and saves installers precious time on site, according to pro clima. It also secures bonds, penetrates deep, and strengthens dusty substrates or surfaces with insufficient load-bearing capacity.

Aerosana Viscon, meanwhile, is a sprayable or paintable airtightness sealant with a humidity-variable vapour resistance. Viscon is a high quality, water-based acrylic dispersion paste which can be applied as a spray or using a brush. The sprayed-on liquid film forms a seamless, elastic airtight and vapourresisting protective layer once it has dried. It can be plastered or painted over, used for strengthening subsurfaces in the case of renovation, and is suitable for use indoors or in protected outdoor areas.

Roflex Solido is a plasterable airtightness EPDM grommet that features full contact solid acrylic adhesive. Pipe penetrations through masonry walls often lead to considerable air leakage, but Roflex Solido can be bonded directly to masonry walls and is suitable for internal or internal applications. Even when pipes are pushed or pulled at a later stage, an airtight and weathertight seal is still retained.

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