Future Found gets BBA Cert for insulated foundation system

Future Found gets BBA Cert for insulated foundation system

Build-Lite, the leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative building products for low energy buildings, has announced that its Future Found insulated foundation system has received BBA certification. Future Found is a trenchless foundation system, manufactured in the UK, that uses high-density EPS insulation.

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Future Found is designed and cut to suit each individual project. The product arrives on site as a fully engineered, ready-made EPS formwork that fits together. This outline then remains in the ground, and concrete is poured in one operation to create an energy efficient slab foundation that is capable of delivering passive house U-values and thermal bridging standards.

“Future Found is quick and easy to install, only three days to fit for a standard three-bedroom house,” Alan Parkes of Build-Lite told Passive House Plus. “It also reduces machine time required on site as there are no trenches to be excavated, no soils away and 40% less concrete is used. It means the builder saves on both installation and material costs, and the homeowners have significantly reduced heating bills.”

The company’s BBA certificate follows an intensive period of testing of the system that began in 2015 at an independent test facility in Stoke, according to Parkes. “We asked for all tests on the system to be done until destruction, but this could not be done as Future Found would not fail, which was fantastic.”

The BBA cert was awarded this year following a further period of review, as well as further testing of all the fixings, and the development of quality manufacturing and site installation plans for the product. Parkes said that the system has now been used all over the UK and Ireland, and that BBA certification will now make it suitable for specification by larger housing developers. For more information see www.build-liteuk.co.uk.

Last modified on Wednesday, 12 February 2020 00:26