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Gormley announces details of new planning bill

Environment minister John Gormley yesterday announced details of the government's latest planning and development bill. The Bill introduces a number of changes to the planning code that "aim to support sustainable development".

Local authorities given new powers to conserve water

Local authorities have been given the power to direct building owners and occupiers to prevent water wastage under a new order signed by environment minister John Gormley. The order brings into affect section 56 of the Water Services Act of 2007, which deals with water conservation.

Green Gains

In spite of the obvious emergence of technologies and design approaches to reduce the impact of new build, environmental standards remained poor throughout the duration of the housing boom. Now, a unique combination of political will, smart incentives, and a new market of informed and empowered buyers may be about to change that, writes Lenny Antonelli

Green power

Eamonn Ryan and John Gormley
Newly elected Green Party Ministers John Gormley & Eamon Ryan talk to Construct Ireland about their vision for a sustainable future.

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