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Capital L

Capital L
With the goal of achieving zero carbon standards for new homes by as soon as 2013, environment minister John Gormley has committed to introducing 60 per cent energy and carbon reductions under changes to part L of the building regulations next year. John Hearne spoke to leading industry figures to find out how the revised regulation could raise standards for both new and existing homes.

Saving grace

The government recently announced a fund of e100 million for energy upgrading Irish houses in 2009, to be divided equally between low income and middle income earners. Focusing on the latter, Jason Walsh looks at the details of the Home Energy Saving scheme and speaks to key figures in the industry to get their views on the ingredients needed to make the scheme a success

Government is urged to appoint State architect

THE GOVERNMENT is being urged to take a much more pro-active approach to architecture by appointing a State architect to advise on policy and permitting local authorities to hire their own architects.

Far away hills are green

People might think that John Gormley got a tough start as a government minister considering that he is a member of an extreme Green Party. The incinerator got permission in his own constituency. He also found himself joined with Fianna Fail, which also means an alignment with the builders. Hardly the stuff of the Greens. Then he had a stroke of luck with the Sliabh Aughty mountains. The greenest of the green. To look at it like that is actually a misjudgement.

Part L Revealed

Since the announcement last September by the Minister for the Environment of substantial improvements to be made under Part L of the Building Regulations, speculation has been rife in the construction industry about what the details of the updated regulations would entail. Jeff Colley examines some of the key parts of a regulatory improvement that will help the Irish construction industry to modernise and meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Thinking Caps

Much of the debate on reducing international carbon emissions has focused on the extra cost of making the necessary cuts to slow the onset of climate change. According to Richard Douthwaite, the Irish Government is considering introducing Cap and Share, a system which would actually earn ordinary Irish people money for reducing emissions.

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