Velux calls for Irish homeowners to act on green intentions

Velux solar panelsVelux is calling for Irish homeowners to take positive steps to improve the energy efficiency of their own homes. The company’s sustainable department is planning to raise awareness of renewable technologies though an information-led campaign at Ireland’s largest consumer-facing exhibitions throughout 2009.

50bn STG of investment needed for Saharan solar plan

European countries could transform their electricity supplies within a decade by investing in a giant network of solar panels in the Sahara desert, an expert told a global warming conference in Copenhagen today.

ESB to purchase electricity from domestic wind turbines

Quentin Gargan of Turbotricity
The Commissioner for Energy Regulation has announced that the ESB is to buy electricity from so-called “micro generators” - householders who have their own wind generators or other renewable electricity systems. The price has been set at 9c per unit.

Ireland becomes founding member of IRENA

Energy minister Eamon Ryan today announced that Ireland has signed up as a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) at the organisation's founding conference in Bonn, Germany.

Study finds that many homes turbines fail to live up to claims

Home wind turbines are generating a fraction of the energy promised by manufacturers, and in some cases use more electricity than they make, a report warns today. The results of what is thought to be the most comprehensive study undertaken of the industry show the worst performers provided just 41 watt-hours a day - less than the energy needed for a conventional lightbulb for an hour, or even to power the turbine's own electronics.