Renewable energy in Ireland grew 15% in last 4 years

Renewable energy in Ireland grew by an average of 15% per annum from 2005 to 2009 driven largely by a significant growth in wind energy of 28% per annum in that period, according to SEAI's latest Energy in Ireland report. Last year also witnessed a steady trend towards lower energy prices in Ireland for both domestic and business energy users.

Ministers announce plan for European electricity supergrid

Energy minister Eamon Ryan has said that formal preparations for a European electricity supergrid have begun.
In Brussels today, energy ministers from ten European countries signed an agreement on the North Seas Countries Offshore Grid Initiative, which will aim to develop a supergrid in northern Europe, increase the amount of renewable energy produced in the Europe's northern seas and facilitate large scale offshore wind projects.

New funding for green energy companies in Ireland

Energy Minister Eamon Ryan today announced new funding for renewable energy companies in Ireland.
The funding is part of a Europe-wide programme that will be managed jointly by the European Commission, European Investment Bank and EU member states. It will assist eight carbon capture and storage and 34 renewable energy projects in the EU.

NUI Galway launches degree in energy systems engineering

Energy minister Eamon Ryan launched the new BE (Bachelor of Engineering) programme in energy systems engineering on Monday in NUI Galway.
The new course, which will be based in the new engineering building currently under construction on the campus, has been developed in partnership with members of the energy industry including ESB, GE Energy, Airtricity, Bord Gáis and Wavebob.

SEI announces funding for Irish ocean energy companies

Professor J Owen Lewis, the newly appointed CEO of Sustainable Energy Ireland headline.jpg
Ten Irish companies developing ocean energy technologies will share e4.3millon in funding from Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI), the national energy authority announced yesterday.

The funding is aimed at enabling the companies to take their proposals and prototypes to the next stage of development.

Ireland ranked fourth in the world for wind power

Ireland now ranks fourth in the world for the contribution of wind energy to electricity use, according to the International Energy Agency's 2008 Wind Energy Annual Report.

Ireland, which supplies 8.7% of electricity demand from wind, is only behind Denmark (19.3%), Spain (11.7%) and Portugal (11.3%).

Airtricity ordered to drop 'green' claim in ads

ELECTRICITY COMPANY Airtricity has been ordered not to use the term “green electricity” in its advertising, following a complaint by An Bord Gáis to the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI).

Imperative Energy to finance expansion with equity funding

Imperative Energy,  a supplier of large-scale biomass energy solutions, today announced that it has completed a E30m equity funding package with Rockfield Energy LLP, a UK-based private equity firm specialising in renewable energy investments.

€200m community owned wind farm to power County Clare

A wind energy development co-operative in County Clare today announced plans to construct one of Ireland’s largest wind farms.

Subsequent to obtaining planning approval and permission for grid connection, West Clare Renewable Energy Ltd. (WCRE) says it hopes to construct 30 3MW wind turbines on the slopes of Mount Callan, a 391-metre high mountain located between Ennis and Miltown Malbay.

Velux calls for Irish homeowners to act on green intentions

Velux solar panelsVelux is calling for Irish homeowners to take positive steps to improve the energy efficiency of their own homes. The company’s sustainable department is planning to raise awareness of renewable technologies though an information-led campaign at Ireland’s largest consumer-facing exhibitions throughout 2009.

50bn STG of investment needed for Saharan solar plan

European countries could transform their electricity supplies within a decade by investing in a giant network of solar panels in the Sahara desert, an expert told a global warming conference in Copenhagen today.

ESB to purchase electricity from domestic wind turbines

Quentin Gargan of Turbotricity
The Commissioner for Energy Regulation has announced that the ESB is to buy electricity from so-called “micro generators” - householders who have their own wind generators or other renewable electricity systems. The price has been set at 9c per unit.

Ireland becomes founding member of IRENA

Energy minister Eamon Ryan today announced that Ireland has signed up as a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) at the organisation's founding conference in Bonn, Germany.