Wicklow firm makes big noise in soundproofing

Wicklow firm makes big noise in soundproofing

An innovative Wicklow company is embracing the circular economy by manufacturing soundproofing boards from recycled materials.

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Today the company says that the main markets for its AM Soundproofing Board have expanded to include commercial offices and the home retrofit sector, where people are often looking to reduce noise transmission between rooms and increase sound privacy. Recent certified onsite test results of AM Soundproofing Board demonstrated sound reduction from DnT,w (weighted standardised level difference) of 54dB to 62dB.

Stephen Stratton of Acoustic Materials told Passive House Plus that AM Soundproofing Board is manufactured in Slovakia from 100% TetraPak containers, of which the company collects approximately 1,500 tonnes each year from local schools. The TetraPak containers are then shredded, steamed and processed via a patented technology.

“We make highly engineered products, and everything is aimed to be based around the circular economy,” Stratton told Passive House Plus. “The glues in the existing material are broken down and reused, so absolutely nothing is added.” AM Soundproofing Board is later treated to make it resistant to mould and pests and is itself recyclable at the end of its life.

AM Soundproofing Board is 10mm thick, and Acoustic Materials supply wall, floor, door and ceiling systems that incorporate the product. “Our wall system is one of the strongest on the market, and the thinnest,” Stratton told Passive House Plus. “It is finished with a traditional slab and skim finish.”

Stratton told Passive House Plus that the company is currently developing other board products based on circular economy principles, using materials such as mineral wool, hemp and rice. For more information see www.acousticmaterials.ie


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