Waterford Stanley aiming to be big force in heat pump market

Waterford Stanley aiming to be big force in heat pump market

Establishing Waterford Stanley as one of the most recognised and popular heat pump brands on the Irish market is the goal of the company’s new business development manager, Donal Reilly.

The company is over 80 years old and is well known for providing generations of Irish homes with range cookers and stoves, but more recently entered the renewables market with its heat pump range. “The main priority and goal of my new role is to have Waterford Stanley as one of the most recognised and popular heat pump brands in the marketplace,” Reilly said.

“My own parents have always had a Stanley range cooker in their home and most people in Ireland either have one of our products or know someone with a Stanley product,” he said. “I wanted to work for Waterford Stanley as I wanted to become part of that heritage and help make Stanley one of the most recognisable brands in today’s world of modern central heating.”

As well as supplying its range of heat pumps, the company o"ers an extensive design and support service. “Heat loss calculations, heat pump certification, underfloor heating design and designer sign-o" certification are all part of our service, to ensure that our product meets the building regulations requirements,” Reilly said. “We provide this support on every aspect of the project to make the project run smoothly for each party involved.

“As a heat pump supplier, we need to cater for every profession involved in the delivery of a heat pump project. While combining a great product and service to the homeowner and installer, we equally provide this level of service to the architect, engineer, builder, merchant and building assessor.”

Donal Reilly has over 12 years’ experience in renewable energy technologies, including in air-to-water heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, underfloor heating & solar panels. He has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and furthered his knowledge of renewable energy products through obtaining HETAC qualifications in heat pumps, solar thermal panels, solar PV panels and BER assessment. Reilly was also a part time lecturer in the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, where he delivered HETAC accredited courses to tradespeople on heat pumps and solar thermal technology.

“We believe that the true mark of a brand is great customer service, technical assistance and peace of mind for both the homeowner and installer,” Reilly said. “My role allows me to provide this to our customers, where I can assist them throughout their project by providing a full design service, on-site support, commissioning and remote monitoring of the heat pump, together with the peace of mind of a seven-year warranty.”

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