Unipipe launch easy underfloor heating for upper floors

Unipipe launch easy underfloor heating for upper floors

Unipipe has announced the launch to the Irish market of underfloor heating and cooling systems from German manufacturer MFH Systems.

MFH’s innovative underfloor heating product is designed to be installed without the use of wet screed. The underfloor heating pipework is fitted into shallow pre-engineered EPS boards, with an aluminium coating that helps to transfer heat optimally into the floor finish above.

“These underfloor heating systems are ideal for new build or retrofit. They offer fast response and are effective at low heating temperatures,” Unipipe managing director Paul O’Donnell told Passive House Plus. “At just 20 mm high the system is ideal for use upstairs in timber floors and in homes with engineered joists.”

He added: “We also supply a 5 mm strong board, made from recycled materials, which when placed over the MFH 20 mm boards can then take ceramic tiles. This solution is ideal for apartments and also offers the added benefit of sound-proofing the floors.”

O’Donnell said that MFH’s underfloor heating systems would challenge perceptions about how easy it is to install underfloor heating in the first floor and above. “We are offering MFH Systems in response to the many homes where people tell us they have to settle for ugly radiators, as it’s perceived to be too awkward to use underfloor heating.”

Versions of the MFH Systems underfloor heating product are also available for installation in walls and ceilings.

Last modified on Thursday, 25 August 2022 13:39

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