Prestige Aluclad supplying passive Viking windows nationwide

Prestige Aluclad supplying passive Viking windows nationwide

Prestige Aluclad is the new brand name in Ireland for Viking Windows, the supplier of passive house and low energy timber and aluminium-clad windows from Estonian manufacturer Viking.

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“We still supply Viking Windows, but we are also widening our range to supply other products now too,” Declan Loy of Prestige Aluclad told Passive House Plus.

Loy said that the new brand name was chosen to represent the company’s product range. “What Prestige Aluclad really stands for is quality. We’re the number one bespoke supplier of aluclad windows in Ireland, and by bespoke, I mean things like large, fixed panes of glass, front entrance doors and floor-to-ceiling opening sections.”

Loy said that aluminium-clad timber offers strength and stability, as well as being an eco-friendlier option than PVC. “We’ve all been driven to improve operational energy use in the home but nobody’s looking at the embodied energy. Aluclad timber is a way of reducing embodied energy and carbon, it’s A-rated in the BRE green guide,” he said.

Prestige Aluclad’s range includes two Passive House Institute certified windows, the Passive Timber and Passive Ultra Aluclad, both of which deliver whole-unit U-values as low as 0.63.

Loy said that the design-conscious market is increasingly concerned with energy performance, and aluclad is ideal for this market as it not only offers exceptional aesthetics but delivers top class performance too. The company’s range also includes other triple glazed options as well as double glazing and inward-opening units.

Prestige Aluclad also supplies lift-and-slide patio doors, bespoke entrance doors, glass-to-glass corner windows, and floor-to-ceiling windows with a low U-value of 0.74. The company’s products come with a ten-year warranty.

Prestige Aluclad also boasts seven partner showrooms in Dundalk, Dublin, Nenagh, Belfast, Cork, Galway and Donegal, and offers lead times of just five to six weeks.

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