Learn about wastewater heat recovery remotely

Learn about wastewater heat recovery remotely

Leading wastewater heat recovery (WWHR) supplier Showersave has moved its certified CPD presentation, ‘An introduction to wastewater heat recovery’, online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“Since the Covid-19 pandemic put an abrupt halt to normal business operations, Showersave devised a plan that would ensure construction industry professionals would continue to develop their knowledge of low carbon technologies while also gaining CPD credits,” Showersave’s Tony Gordon told Passive House Plus.

The certified CPD is normally delivered in person at client offices, however, government restrictions have prohibited this over the past few months.

Having researched the most effective means of delivering the CPD to employees working remotely, Showersave is now presenting daily to architects, M&E consultants and other industry professionals using video conferencing facilities. This allows presentations to be visible to all participants, who are free to ask questions throughout the session. Upon completion of the CPD, all participants receive a certification of attendance by email.

The CPD provides delegates with an overview of WWHR technologies in both residential and commercial environments. It covers key aspects of WWHR and how it can best be applied to a broad range of projects.

WWHR recovery is increasingly used in both residential and commercial developments. Such systems are now recognised in SAP, SBEM and DEAP 4, and can contribute towards compliance with Part L of the building regulations in both Ireland and the UK. WWHR is also recognised under the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive as a renewable energy system.

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