KORE gets NSAI cert for insulated foundation

KORE gets NSAI cert for insulated foundation

KORE has announced that its insulated foundation system has received full certification from the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) under Irish Agrément Board certificate number 20/0424.

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This NSAI certificate certifies that the KORE insulated foundation system complies with the requirements of the building regulations 1997 to 2019.

The system consists of rigid polystyrene boards cut from moulded blocks of EPS. It is comprised of three components: KORE Floor EPS100 White, KORE Floor EPS200 White and KORE Floor EPS300 White.

When used together, the insulated foundation system provides an efficient insulating layer to reduce the thermal transmittance of ground concrete floors. An in-situ concrete slab is poured on top of the insulated foundation. Vertical upstands of insulation are used to insulate the slab from the wall to reduce thermal bridging at the wall to floor junction.

The system does not contain CFCs or HCFCs and has zero ozone depletion potential. Like all EPS products, the foundation system will last the lifetime of the building with little to no maintenance required.

Apart from the extremely low U-values KORE’s insulated foundation system is able to provide, the wall to floor cold bridge is virtually eliminated by essentially wrapping the entire foundation in a layer of EPS insulation.

In addition, the system is fully engineered and manufactured off-site. Once delivered to the job site, the foundation system can be installed in just a few days.

KORE’s insulated foundation system assists with lean construction methods, reducing material, on-site waste and the required labour for installation. It can be provided for one-off self builds, or can be manufactured to supply even the largest developments across the country.

For more information see www.kore-system.com.