Firebird rebrand emphasises sustainability & innovation
The Firebird sales team recently celebrated the launch of the rebrand at its site in Ballyvourney.

Firebird rebrand emphasises sustainability & innovation

Firebird, the leading designer and manufacturer of commercial and domestic boilers, has rebranded with a new logo and tagline to reflect its business strategy and “ambition for growth”.

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To mark over 40 years in business, Firebird said that is rebrand is, “in recognition of how the business has grown through innovation while in parallel, it ambitiously leads the charge, within its industry, on renewable and sustainable energy”.

Over the last four decades the company has grown from humble beginnings in in the Cork Gaeltacht to become a global leader in heating systems. The company, which also offers heat pumps, solar, heat recovery ventilation, stoves and underfloor heating, now has manufacturing sites in Cork, Northern Ireland and England, and supplies boilers to locations such as New Zealand, the Middle East, USA, Falkland Islands and many countries across Europe.

The company recently secured a €1 million contract to supply boilers to the Greek market. “With innovation at its core and sustainability its driving force, the rebrand reflects the brand that Firebird is today while symbolising its dynamic future and business growth ambitions,” read a statement from Firebird.

Firebird said that it offers, “the most technologically advanced and energy efficient heating options on the market”, and is the only manufacturer of boilers in Europe with Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions that are 50 per cent lower than the European limit.

Commenting on Firebird’s rebrand, Mark Doyle, general manager of Firebird, said: “Through this rebrand, we’re setting down a marker of what Firebird as a business is now and where we’re going. Firebird’s success has been built on our flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers and the world we live in. We are continuing to innovate and drive more sustainable heating solutions that benefit not only our customers but our environment. “Now is the ideal time to launch a modern and progressive rebrand that better represents our DNA. Our aim was to create a brand and a new logo that proudly reflects our best qualities and values which include world class experience and expertise, uncompromising quality, constant innovation and sustainability.”

Firebird said that the green in its new logo represents sustainability, the silver represents “Firebird’s expertise and the solid quality of the products it offers”, while the grey stands for its “innovative approach to creating solutions that satisfy the ever changing needs of its customers”. Firebird has also launched a new website that is universal for all three regions. The company said that the new site is designed to make the entire process from enquiry to installation seamless. See for more.