Ecomerchant now stocking Herschel Infrared heating products

Ecomerchant now stocking Herschel Infrared heating products

Leading sustainable building product supplier Ecomerchant is now supplying Herschel Infrared heating panels, and Ecomerchant’s Will Kirkman says they are an ideal heating solution for passive house projects.

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“Radiant infrared heating excels in home designs featuring ultra-low heat loss and so it naturally complements passive house living,” he said.

He said that increasingly, and particularly with growing concerns about overheating, passive houses may rely less on solar gain for space heating, and look towards low carbon sources of electric heating.

“Future-proofing the M&E design to include dedicated electric heating circuits is relatively low cost, and minimises disruption of the envelope if radiant infrared heating is added at a later stage. We have even helped passive house customers solve heating issues that weren’t envisaged at design stage by installing infrared heating.”

Kirkman said that the Herschel Select XLS and premium Inspire range of panel heaters are ideal where per room heat losses are ultra-low, enabling “low energy consumption and supreme comfort”.

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“Radiant heat feels wonderfully natural, as the internal fabric readily absorbs and then gently radiates back into the room with minimal losses. Enhanced comfort at a lower air temperature is genuinely achievable with Herschel Infrared heating.”

Kirkman said that surfaces warmed by radiant infrared heater panels lose heat at a far slower rate than air warmed by convection- based heating. This enables heating to be primed using off-peak tariffs for morning heating, and also to avoid periods of peak electricity demand. The addition of battery storage enables off-peak charging of infrared panels, in addition to daytime charging from surplus solar power.

“Almost every part of a Herschel Infrared heater panel is fully recyclable,” said Kirkman. “Herschel are exploring the concept of a lifetime product based on user and/or factory replacement parts. Herschel Infrared heating powered by solar and one hundred per cent renewable electricity supply is a simple, clean and elegant heat and power system.”

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