Overheating masterclass in London this February

Overheating masterclass in London this February

Industry experts Mark Siddall and Nick Grant will deliver a masterclass that examines the potential causes of overheating, and how to design, build and operate a passive building in order to prevent overheating problems, on 15 February in the Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre in London. 

The cost is £150 plus Vat for Passivhaus Trust members, and £200 plus Vat for non members. 

Passive house buildings are often rightly described as warm, comfortable, free of draughts and condensation, and free from worries about heating bills. However, a number of concerns have arisen regarding summer overheating in modern UK homes. Additionally it is often assumed that overheating is caused by high levels of insulation and airtightness, which can be misleading.

In this masterclass, passive house experts Mark Siddall and Nick Grant will explore the causes of summer overheating and provide tools and guidance to help deliver buildings that don’t just minimise overheating but deliver excellent summer comfort. Working with built project examples and PHPP, the event will cover basic theory, practical details and evidence from case studies and personal experience.

Key topics will include summer ventilation, practical case studies and examples, PHPP tips and tricks for stress testing your design, and how to address operational issues.

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