Experience is key to successful self builds: Kudos

Experience is key to successful self builds: Kudos

The need for experienced contractors who can be depended upon to deliver the high quality product that a passive or indeed low energy house demands cannot be undervalued, leading timber frame manufacturer Kudos has claimed.

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The Antrim-based business – who rebranded from Advanced Timbercraft to Kudos last year – remain under the stewardship of managing director Neil Orr, the second generation of the Orr family to run the business.

“We decided to give ourselves a facelift in 2016, with the rationale that our old brand no longer let us fully communicate how our business had evolved over the last five or so years,” said Orr. The company has 50 years experience as a conventional build company, with the last 20 years specialising solely in timber frame homes.

He continued: “Self builds are not an easy process – just ask anyone who has gone through it. Rewarding, but not easy. When setting out to build a thermally efficient, low energy house, whether the aim is to achieve certified passive house standard or not, employing contractors with exacting standards and the experience to correctly advise and deliver is even more critical.”

Orr said Kudos is one of the few family building companies left standing following the recent economic crisis. “In doing so, Kudos has retained the skill and experience necessary to deliver a best in class, low energy home,” he said.

“We will always be completely committed to timber frame builds. No other build method can deliver the quality and performance quite as effectively. The new name allows us to tell a broader story of who we are and what we can deliver.”

Kudos have been involved in a number of low energy and passive certified bespoke homes that have been featured in Passive House Plus over the years, including builder Niall Dolan’s passive house in Craughwell, Co Galway, which is featured in this issue of the magazine.

For more information see www.buildingkudos.com.