The €100,000 sustainable home?
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The €100,000 sustainable home?

Mario Cucinella architects have produced an interesting theoretical prototype for a low cost sustainable home, dubbed 'Casa 100k'.

"The project is an attempt to find an effective solution to the issues of affordable costs, low pollutant emissions and genuinely attractive housing," the company says.

"The house has a bright, lively design that readily adapts to the needs of different residents and lifestyles, as well as producing energy through a series of passive and active strategies that make it an efficient bioclimatic machine."

The 100 square metre house is estimated to cost €100,000, and feaures integrated solar PV and timber frame construction. "Low construction costs have also been achieved by using a light, flexible form of prefabrication, including structural elements, technical systems and mobile components such as sliding, removable and bendable wall panels/partitions," the company adds.

As you'd expect, the south facing aspect of the building is extensively glazed. Roof gardens and greeneries feature prominently, and each unit boasts a whopping 35 square metres of solar panelling (all PV presumably, but this isn't clear on the official website) which helps to power ground-source heat pumps. Rainwater harvesting also features.

Depending on the climate, the designers claim the buildings could be net producers of energy.

Last modified on Thursday, 02 November 2017 02:18