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Consumer spending to fall

Mintel survey says 'times is tough' 

 The Irish Times reports that 67 per cent of Irish consumers are now more mindful of rising living costs.


The Mintel Ireland survey, Irish
Lifestyles 2008 , reports that Irish consumers are starting to feel financially squeezed and that many are preparing for major lifestyle cutbacks.


Belt-tightening focuses on key lifestyle areas such as entertainment and eating out, with 64 per cent of people planning to eat out less often and 51 per cent intending to cut back on treats for the family.

Moreover, around 42 per cent are prepared to cut back on grocery bills and other household items.

Among respondents, 60 per cent indicated they would buy fewer new clothes, shoes or jewellery, and 55 per cent would cancel DIY and home improvements.



Last modified on Monday, 19 May 2008 11:35