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Sustainability or bust

Sustainability or bust
As if the implications of the unfolding global financial crisis weren’t bad enough, the Irish economy must also contend with the consequences of a banking system exposed to unprecedented property-related debts. Reflecting on the ongoing crisis, Richard Douthwaite explains why investment in local energy innovation may prove the key to improving Ireland’s economic health

13 redundancies at Arklow quarry

Thirteen workers at Roadstone in Arklow, Co Wicklow, were made redundant yesterday as the company closed the stone crushing plant at the quarry.

Government plans greening of Ireland

Targets for greater energy efficiency in construction and renewable energy growth unveiled at Energy Forum, writes Jason Walsh

Green Loans

For the first time in several years, 2007 will see a budget deficit in Ireland so the question must be asked: where does this leave state aid for sustainable building? Construct Ireland’s Jeff Colley and Jason Walsh propose a new approach to improving the energy efficiency of existing homes that might even fix a few of the difficulties seen in the last eighteen months
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