Isover Vario delivers airtightness at nursing home extension

Isover Vario delivers airtightness at nursing home extension

A new low energy and airtight extension is currently on site at the TLC Nursing Home in Maynooth, Co Kildare.

The project involves the construction of a high performance single-storey building, which will be an extension of the existing nursing home facility. It comprises 49 single bedrooms, living areas, a dining room, kitchenette, treatment room, assisted bathroom, toilet, administrative areas and stores. The building is designed to have a high thermal performance rating, as well as a high airtightness and moisture control rating to ensure cost and energy savings, as well as thermal comfort for future residents.

The build size is 2175 square metres, and it is currently underway with a projected total completion time of 12 months.

The building features the Isover Vario system for airtightness and moisture control, including Vario Bond, the newest addition to the Vario system. Vario Bond has been used to seal windows, doors and ceiling to wall junctions, with a major time saving being accrued due to the fact that Vario Bond can be directly plastered over, with no need for a mesh overlay. Other products from the Vario system being used in the build are Vario KM Duplex Airtight Membrane and Vario Multitape SL.

In addition to the use of the Vario system, Isover Spacesaver mineral wool and Metac high performance mineral wool are being used to ensure high thermal performance and comfort within the building.

Marketing manager for Isover Ireland, Valerie Dent, said: ‘The Vario System offers the complete solution for builds where high airtightness performance is essential. Vario can help save time for the installer, and can help ensure airflow management, moisture control and thermal comfort for future users of each building it is installed in. Combined with Metac high performance mineral wool, Isover offers the safest and most complete system available on the market.”

Ensuring a speedy, yet high performance, build at the TLC nursing home was one challenge that was addressed by the construction team at DHD Construction.

While the team has previous experience with Vario products, additional support and information was sourced from the Isover specification team, as well as on-site product training, offered by Isover’s product demonstration team. “You can get the best airtightness and moisture control results by using the complete Vario solution of membranes, tapes and sealant,” said Dent.

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