VictorianSASH windows revitalise historic Portsmouth home

VictorianSASH windows revitalise historic Portsmouth home

A Victorian terraced home in Portsmouth is the latest retrofit project to feature VictorianSASH triple glazed timber windows from Eksalta, which resemble traditional sash windows while delivering modern high-performance standards of insulation and airtightness.

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The windows were installed at the home of passive house consultant Rachel Mitchell, of Portsmouth based architecture and engineering consultancy Greenbox Associates.

Writing in a blog post on her website, Rachel said she was keen to replace the existing uPVC windows at her house, which were fixed into the original sash boxes, because they were ugly and draughty, and because the two rooms they were in were damp and cold.

She writes: “I decided that I wanted sash windows to be in keeping with a Victorian house, but not necessarily sliding sash windows as you can get replacement windows that look like a sash but are not.” Sliding sash windows are also notoriously draughty.

She was also keen on timber windows, even though she lives near the sea, because of the higher quality look and feel, end-of-life recyclability, and the ability to repair them if something goes wrong.

She wanted triple glazing too for a variety of reasons, particularly improved thermal comfort and less convection draughts around the windows. After much deliberation, she ultimately specified VictorianSASH triple glazed timber windows from Eksalta, which resemble a traditional sash window but have a fixed-upper window and tilt-and-turn lower unit.

“Eksalta provided the windows and Ainars Locs gave an excellent service measuring and making sure the windows would fit in the bays properly, as well as keeping an eye on the installation,” she writes.

“Recommended by Ainars, Oriel windows undertook the fitting and Shaun Rainbow managed to get the windows to fit in a not so square opening as well as patiently deal with my many questions.”

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