Unipipe launches Smartflower PV & exhaust air heat pump

Unipipe launches Smartflower PV & exhaust air heat pump

Leading renewable technology supplier Unipipe has become the Irish distributors for the Austrian Smartflower – which the company claim is the world’s first self-contained solar PV system. 

“The Smartflower deploys and tracks the sun for maximum efficiency and is truly a marriage of art and energy,” said Unipipe MD Paul O’Donnell. “The clever design that allows you to add solar electric generation to your project means that there is no interference with the roof and so is very suitable for retrofits and use with listed buildings for instance.” O’Donnell said that with little installation required, the Smartflower POP can be operational in as little as one hour, adding that the action of opening and closing of its petals also clean the PV panels’ surfaces to maintain highest efficiency.

“The Smartflower is also an ideal blend of functional on-site electricity generation and ‘green statement’ for businesses too. An item of art that pays for itself!” said O’Donnell.

Meanwhile Nibe recently launched the F730 exhaust air heat pump onto the Irish market at the Energy Show in Dublin’s RDS. The new unit won awards in two categories for the product of the show awards – being commended in the best renewable product category and highly commended in the best energy efficient product category.

“What’s unique with this product targeted at smaller homes and apartments with its 1.1 to 6kW range is that there are no outdoor parts,” said O’Donnell. Energy is gathered from the ventilation of the building and additional energy is drawn in from outdoor air. In one appliancelike unit there’s hot water storage, heating, ventilation and smart phone style controls. They can be remotely operated and monitored by an app or by PC giving the householder total control with an easy to use interface.

“We see this product being an ideal fit for new housing estates with small gardens where the owners don’t want to see or hear an outdoor heat pump. From the builder’s point of view, they get a boxed all-in-one fast-fit solution, reducing costs and fitting time – and also making their homes much more attractive to buyers.

O’Donnell said the new unit offered a compelling alternative to district heating in apartment buildings, which may otherwise be the main option on the table. “Not only do we remove the headache of collecting money for energy – there’s a much lower cost of installation too,” he said. 

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