Pro Clima launch pre-folded plasterable airtight tape Tescon Profect

Pro Clima launch pre-folded plasterable airtight tape Tescon Profect

Ecological Building Systems are pleased to announce global leaders in innovative airtightness solutions Pro Clima have added a new range of pre-folded airtightness tapes, Tescon Profect to their array of intelligent airtightness solutions.  

Ecological’s senior engineer Niall Crosson said the new tape offers a number of unique advantages over similar tapes. “Tescon Profect is suitable for internal or external use, it is vapour diffusion open, airtight and it can also be plastered directly. It also offers high levels of flexibility.

Crosson added that complex junctions and longer installation times can significantly increase the cost of attaining the required levels of airtightness on projects, with corners often seen as one of the weakest junctions in the airtightness envelope. “A pre-folded corner sealing tape simplifies the installation of airtightness connections at intricate junctions such as windows, doors, roof lights and beam penetrations on the airtightness layer,” said Crosson. “The majority of buildings in Ireland and the UK are still masonry constructions. The fact that Tescon Profect can be plastered directly and it is suitable for internal and external use offers the ideal airtightness solution for both timber frame and masonry buildings.”

Tescon Profect tape is available with a 12-28mm, or 25-35mm split backing paper.  

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