Icynene secures BBA certification

Icynene secures BBA certification

Icynene Classic, the open-celled soft, flexible, breathable foam insulation, familiar to thousands of residential installers around the country, has just secured BBA certification for applications directly to the underside of breathable and non-breathable roof membranes and felt – without the need for either a vent card or a double batten system. 

Gerry Sheridan, director of GMS Insulation and Greentherm Solutions, which respectively distribute Icynene in Ireland and the UK, has been working with Icynene products in Ireland for more than twenty years. He explains the advantages of this new certification.

“First of all, when you’re applying the foam you’re full-filling the rafter area, so you’re getting 30 to 40 per cent better U-values. Because you’re applying it directly, there’s much less risk of condensation and there’s much less risk of air leakage.”

Because the application no longer requires either a vent card or double battening, labour costs are also reduced.

Sheridan explains that there are two reasons why the product has achieved this certification. Firstly, it has been tested and certified as having very low water absorption, while the product’s air breathability has also been tested and certified.

“Icynene is highly recommended for spaces occupied by people with allergies, asthma and other particular respiratory issues,” said Sheridan. “In fact, Icynene was used to improve indoor air quality as part of the American Lung Association’s ‘Health House’ program.”

Icynene – a Canadian product – is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. GMS was the first European company to begin importing the product in 1994. It’s now in 20 countries across Europe and features in thousands of wide ranging projects across the country and the continent. 

Last modified on Friday, 29 January 2016 11:09