Ecological launches thermal bridging solution

Ecological launches thermal bridging solution

Ecological Building Systems has extended its innovative range of thermal solutions to include Bosig Phonotherm 200, a compressive resistant thermal insulation. Bosig, the manufacturer of Phonotherm 200 was founded in Germany over 35 years ago. 
Phonotherm 200 is a formaldehyde-free 100% upcycled polyurethane thermal insulation whose raw material is sourced as a by-product from white goods, in the motor and thermal insulation industries. From an ecological perspective, Phonotherm 200 utilises raw materials which would otherwise end up in landfill and the manufacturing process is carried out in accordance with the environmental standard ISO 14001. In this way the product compliments the range of ecological solutions Ecological Building Systems supply.

With increased requirements to address thermal bridging at critical junctions such as windows, doors & foundation, Phonotherm 200 offers homeowners, builders and specifiers a robust, practical and effective thermal solution.

Niall Crosson, senior engineer with Ecological, said: “It is well known that thermal bridging has a negative impact on the thermal resistance of building elements, along with the additional risk of condensation and mould growth, and the resultant deterioration in indoor air quality.

Ecological are delighted to supply a solution to address thermal bridging at key junctions which is not only effective, but also more ecological compared to alternative materials as it is sourced from a raw material which would otherwise go to landfill.”

Ecological will also supply complete thermal bridging analysis and support to designers and specifiers from their technical department, to complement their existing hygrothermal, U-value and dew point assessment service.

Phonotherm 200 is primarily utilised for applications where structural support and the possibility of obtaining secure fixings into the material are required. Phonotherm 200 is 100% water resistant, diffusion open, easy to machine with conventional carbide tools, and effectively reduces thermal bridging at critical junctions. 

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