Xtratherm launch new Part L NZEB briefing note
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Xtratherm launch new Part L NZEB briefing note

Xtratherm has launched a new technical briefing note designed to clearly explain how to comply with the latest version of Part L of the building regulations for dwellings.

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Part L of the Irish building regulations was updated this year in order to bring Ireland in line with EU requirements that all new dwellings be nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs).

As part of Xtratherm’s Xi Academy, the new briefing note gives the construction industry clear, comprehensive guidance on the new regulation requirements to “assist in the delivery of actual energy performance on site”.

The briefing note offers a clear, detailed explanation of what these new standards mean and how they are met in DEAP. It outlines the changed minimum ‘backstop’ U-values for building elements, and explains the necessity to improve upon these worst case values, in line with the Department of Housing’s own compliance examples. Compliant specification will also necessitate improvements in thermal bridging requirements, and the note also offers guidance on airtightness and overheating.

Detailed explanation is also given on space and water heating system requirements, along with associated pipes and ducts, as well as on the new rules as they pertain to the upgrade of existing dwellings.

The briefing note also includes an example of a typical house type with detailed specifications showing how it might pass or fail the new regulations.

The Xi Briefing note on Part L is part of a suite of white papers that also includes guidance on Part F / Technical Guidance Document F, which pertains to ventilation.

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