An Post to enter retrofit market
Debbie Byrne, managing director of An Post retail

An Post to enter retrofit market

An Post has announced the launch of a new "green hub" providing end-to-end project management and money-saving advice for all levels of home retrofitting, along with a low-cost loan rate. The state-owned company said that this one-stop-shop approach will cover loan-only or full retrofit services, from initial home assessments to completed works, along with SEAI grant application and payment process.

An Post added that it is at an advanced stage of discussions with SEAI and a leading Irish energy company to support the fulfilment of works and the government grant process. It is also joining forces with Avantcard, its existing lending partner on its An Post Money Loans and credit card products.

Debbie Byrne, managing director of An Post Retail, said: “An element of An Post’s long-term financial services strategy is to play a leading role in supporting the government’s climate action plan to retrofit up to 500,000 houses, and Irish householders’ desire to make environmentally responsible decisions when investing in their homes or replacing fossil-fuelled vehicles. A customer-friendly ‘green nub’ is our way of supporting this essential plan for Ireland.

“An Post has a proven commitment to sustainability with Ireland’s largest e-vehicle fleet and a wide-ranging Eco-Plan, and to acting for the common good across its business. We also have unrivalled expertise in providing customers with trusted, value-for-money products. As other financial networks retreat, we’ve invested in improving and expanding our retail and financial services for individuals and communities.

She continued: “We know that customers want to make the right decisions about home improvement and it can be a daunting proposition, and long-term value for money is key. By joining with experts to provide customised assessments for individual householders, we will ensure best-value and peace of mind for customers, to suit their personal budget. Our rates will remain strong for this market.

“As we come out of the Covid-19 crisis, there will be even more emphasis on sensible spending, value-for-money and doing business with brands that can be trusted and relied upon in good times and bad."

An Post is expected to launch its new retrofit service and finance package to the market later this year.

Last modified on Thursday, 30 April 2020 11:45