Windhager to launch new BioWin 2 pellet boiler at Ecobuild

Windhager to launch new BioWin 2 pellet boiler at Ecobuild

Windhager will launch its latest development, the BioWin 2 wood pellet boiler, at Ecobuild

The BioWin 2 has been designed as a space conscious appliance and can be installed within
an alcove as it requires no servicing clearances either to the left, right or the rear, and minimal
clearance to the front. All cleaning and servicing is achieved from the front of the unit. Windhager
said that no other wood pellet boiler achieves these minimum clearances, making it a “real
innovation and ideal for many different properties”.

BioWin 2 is available in four outputs from 10 to 26kW all with a 30% modulation range for
maximum efficiency. The units features fully automated cleaning and ash removal to an integrated
ash container, ensuring full efficiency and long intervals between cleaning and servicing.

A patented sliding grate within the burner bowl and close monitoring of the combustion
guarantee maximum combustion efficiencies. The new boiler is available as a hand feed
version from its integrated pellet hopper, or as an auto feed boiler from a bulk pellet store.
Because of Windhager’s pellet suction feed system, it can be installed up to 25 metres from
the boiler.

Windhager are represented in the UK by Windhager UK and in Ireland by Windhager Ireland.

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