Snøhetta architect to speak at Green Room 2019
A rendering of Svart, an ultra ambitious sustainable hotel designed by Snøhetta at the foot of the Svartisen glacier in Norway’s arctic.

Snøhetta architect to speak at Green Room 2019

The Green Room, the Irish Green Building Council’s annual non-residential sustainable building gathering, takes place this year on 10 April in the Davenport Hotel, Dublin.

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As the nearly zero energy building (NZEB) standard came into force on 1 January 2019 for commercial buildings, this year’s conference forms part of the IGBC’s year long process of creating a manifesto for genuinely carbon neutral buildings based on a circular economy.

The IGBC is delighted to welcome Tonje Værdal Frydenlund, managing director of leading Norwegian architecture and design firm Snøhetta, who will talk about how architects can drive the sustainable building agenda.

Frydenlund will present on the firm’s involvement with the Powerhouse initiative to create energy positive buildings. A Powerhouse is an energy-positive building that in the course of a 60-year period generates more renewable energy than the total amount of energy that would be required not only to sustain daily operations, but also to build, produce the materials for, and demolish the building.

Meanwhile, Victoria Burrows from the World Green Building Council will present progress on the group’s ‘advancing net zero’ project to move all buildings to net-zero carbon emissions — not only considering operational carbon, but also embodied carbon.

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