Green Party promises thousands of new green collar jobs

THE GREEN Party will bring thousands of “green-tech” jobs to Dublin, its European candidate election in the constituency, Déirdre de Búrca, promised yesterday.

THE GREEN Party will bring thousands of “green-tech” jobs to Dublin, its European candidate election in the constituency, Déirdre de Búrca, promised yesterday.

Senator de Búrca said she was determined to win back the European Parliament seat in the capital which was held by the Greens’ former MEP Patricia McKenna for 10 years before her defeat in 2004.

“I am promising today to bring thousands of green, new jobs to Dublin,” said Ms de Búrca.

“I think with the European Greens in the European Parliament we can bring a Green ‘new deal’ into play in Europe which will enable many thousands of new green jobs to be created here in Ireland and many across Europe.”

The Co Wicklow senator did not agree with the proposition that the East (Leinster) constituency would have been a more logical constituency for her, especially in the wake of the announcement by sitting Fine Gael MEP Avril Doyle that she will not contest the elections on June 5th.

Ms de Búrca was speaking at the launch of the party’s poster campaign for the European election which is focusing on the potential for jobs in the “green-tech” and “clean-tech” sectors.

Much to the embarrassment of the candidate and party officials, the billboard poster unveiled at yesterday’s launch had a typographical error.

“I stand for thouands of green jobs for Dublin,” read the poster depicting Ms de Búrca.

A Green Party spokesman in Government said: “We must file this one under ‘S’ for spilt milk. Hands up, we made a mistake.”

Party leader John Gormley said the party was seeking a candidate for the East constituency, and said that process would be completed shortly.

“There are a number of interesting possibilities. It’s an interesting constituency and as you know there are few enough candidates going forward at this stage. It would be a pity if there were three candidates for three positions. At this stage we are looking for a high-calibre Green candidate.”

Mr Gormley also repeated his view that the position of the Irish Nationwide Building Society’s chief executive Michael Fingleton was untenable following the disclosure he had received a bonus of €1 million after the commencement of the State guarantee scheme.

Earlier, the party’s finance spokesman, Senator Dan Boyle, said Mr Fingleton had come to personify all that was wrong with Irish banking.

“That he has remained so long in position while others have fallen on their swords is a complete mystery.

“He should not continue in that position of trust in what is, after all, supposed to be a mutual society.

“Mr Fingleton has run the Irish Nationwide Building Society like his own personal fiefdom.

“His conduct shows little care for savers and homeowners who have placed considerable faith – and in some cases placed their life’s chances and the fortunes of their families – in the care of that institution,” said Mr Boyle.

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