Responsible Retrofit for nZeb Webinar

23 July 2020
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As Ireland ramps up its commitment to reducing CO₂ emissions, deep retrofits will be required to bring homes in line with regulations & nZEB requirements. Pioneers in low energy, healthy building; Ecological Building Systems invites you to join their expert team at this informative online session to learn about the best approach to responsible retrofit.


  • Presentation by Joseph Fitzgerald and Cronan Kennedy outlining the importance of planning for and applying Fabric First principles during Retrofit upgrades. An inefficient building will still leak heat and moisture if a state of the art heating system is installed so we must focus on improving the building fabric first.
  • Understanding why airtightness is now recognised as a key element in all building types whether in new build or retrofit, to realise higher performance, durable healthy buildings with tangible energy savings. With foresight and adequate planning it can be the true low hanging fruit of energy efficiency in buildings, combined with a reliable ventilation strategy.
  • Sensitive insulation approaches leading to the specification of materials capable of complimenting the physical characteristics of traditional buildings.
  • Understanding how and where heat is lost from buildings to effectively address key junctions and difficult spaces during thermal upgrade.
  • Avoid mould, improve thermal comfort and maintain a healthy indoor living environment.
2020-07-23 2020-07-23 Responsible Retrofit for nZeb Webinar