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Stanhurst Limited

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Ireland is one of the dampest and windiest countries in Europe and Irish homes are now faced with tougher climate conditions. Stanhurst Limited is a passive house builder that can address the challenging needs of a modern Irish dwelling. Keeping energy costs low and promoting a green building are important factors to our construction.

Benefits of Building a Passive House:

  • Low Energy Bills with Passive Homes
  • Minimising Heat Loss and Maximising Heat Gain
  • Property Values Increase for Low Energy Homes
  • 'A' Rated BER
  • Healthy Home with Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Warmer Home by eliminating cold areas and reducing draughts

Key elements in all Stanhurst Passive Homes:

  • Air Tightness
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • Passive Windows
  • Orientation (south facing)
  • Insulation
  • Cold Bridge Elimination
Stanhurst Ltd
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The Paddocks, Enniskerry, Wicklow

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High quality home to the best passive house standard. Attention to detail and aesthetically pleasing.

Convent Place, Delgany, Wicklow

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The house was built by a well experienced Passive House Builder. 100% satisfied Passive house homeowners.

Large Detached Houses in Avovale Manor, Ballynerrin, Wicklow

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A-Rated luxury 4 bedroom homes. It’s a homeowners dream home built to perfection.
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