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Sheepwool Insulation

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We have been wool merchants for over 150 years, so we truly understand the huge benefits which can be gained from using natural, pure wool as an insulation product.

SheepWool Insulation is made from and contains only 100% Pure SheepWool - we do not use any polyester or binder, just 100% pure Wool, - healthy, natural and breathable.

There are a huge amount of benefits from using 100% pure, natural wool as an insulation product - and this is primarily down to its breathability - it is not only an excellent insulation product, but it also absorbs moisture, engages in air purification, has excellent sound absorption properties, as well as being very safe in the event of fire.

This is a totally natural, breathable range to allow your building to breathe so that you can enjoy a natural, healthy insulation. Keeping your building warm in winter as well as cool in summer – just as nature intended.


We have a full range of insulation and acoustic underlay products, all made from and containing only 100% Pure SheepWool.

100% Pure SheepWool Insulation range

These inculation products all come on a roll, pre-cut to 380mm and 570mm wide, - in packs of 3 or 2 rolls, and they come in various thickness from 50mm right up to 150mm and density from 14kg/m3 right up to 20kg/m3, suitable for all applications - vertical, horizontal and sloping.

Performance of the SheepWool insulation varies from 0.042W/m2k right up to an outstanding 0.0359 W/m2k.

We have 3 products in total in our SheepWool Insulation range: Premium, Optimal and Comfort insulation rolls.

100% Pure SheepWool Acoustic underlay range

We have 3 products in this ccoustic underlay range which are all made from and contain ONLY 100% Pure SheepWool

  • SilentWool Joist - for laying on joists
  • SilentWool Floor with a breathable paper - ideal for under timber flooring
  • SilentWool Carpet – carpet underlay.
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New Ionic protect

Logo Ionic Protect

A permanent wool protection is a MUST for every public and private construction. Unique and excellent, this is Ionic Protect®

A new biocide free wool protection system. Ecological, sustainable and durability proven!

The procedure treats the wool fibre in a plasma-ionic way aiming to protect it against all the negative influences of the building environment.

A new milestone permanently improving the quality of our 100% Pure SheepWool insulation product.

New website

We are delighted to introduce our ‘new’ website at, launched on 15th October, and we are looking forward to adding all of our recent installs and case studies for you to see.