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Living Walls

Living Walls or Green Walls bring so much more to a space than what meets the eye. Aside from looking amazing, the added greenery cleans the air of toxins, improves biodiversity and has proven to lower stress levels. Living Walls can also help in reducing noise pollution, mitigate the 'Urban Heat Island Effect' and act as insulation. 

The flexibility of our Living Wall system means that it is not only fully customisable, but is fast and easy to install. Planting can be done on-site for instant impact, providing immediate greenery in pretty much any interior or exterior space. 

Living Wall Benefits

- Bring walls to life

- Range of design options

- Improved air quality

- Improved biodiversity

- Reduced heat island effect

- Reduced noise pollution

- Healthier work environment

- Acoustic value

- Better insulation

- Flood mitigation

- Internal or external

- 10 year warranty


Moss Features

Moss features are a beautiful and low-maintenance way to bring nature into your home or workplace. Apart from being visually stunning, Moss has incredible wellness benefits, encouraging physical and emotional health, creativity and productivity. 

Moss Benefits

- Acoustic value

- Visually stunning

- Stabilised moisture levels

- Minimal maintenance

- Improved productivity

- Reduced stress levels

- Flexible design solutions


Roof Gardens

Rood Gardens or Green Roofs are a wise use of space in a city environment and can provide fantastic ecological communities to help support biodiversity. There are certain factors such as the location and structure of the building that will determine the type of Roof Garden that is installed and the level of biodiversity it will bring to the environment. Roof Gardens can be constructed in various forms depending on the use and benefits required and will normally be intensive or extensive.


Intensive roofs are often constructed to replicate ground level gardens for communal use, requiring deeper substrate/soil levels and will facilitate larger plants and even trees. Extensive green roofs, on the other hand, are designed to be low maintenance and use thin layers of substrate resulting in lightweight construction. Their key benefit is bringing improved biodiversity to the built environment and they will support a large number of plant species that will tolerate fluctuating moisture levels. With the increased use of solar panels on rooftops, extensive green roofs can be used in conjunction with these providing additional environmental benefit.

Roof Garden Benefits

- Reduces air pollution by removing toxins from the environment

- Reduces urban heat island effect by absorbing heat from buildings

- Increases biodiversity by encouraging a wider variety of species

- Increases natural habitat for flora and fauna

- Increases productivity and sense of calmness

- Increases wellbeing and boost immune system

- Increases amenity space so that people can socialise safely

- Reduces risk of flooding by minimising rainwater runoff

- Reduces noise pollution due to extra layer of insulation

- Increases property value by up to 15%


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