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Passion for Creation.

State-of-the-art technological solutions. Design aimed to satisfy the changing needs of the client. Economy and ergonomics brought together. Our Oknoplast philosophy reflects it all.


Our role extends far beyond the design and manufacturing of windows. We also offer consulting, design and installation services to our clients. We believe that clients are our best sales force; therefore, we focus on their satisfaction throughout each stage of service


OKNOPLAST clients always receive an innovative offer. Our company has an R&D department that works on continuous improvement of our products and seeks new solutions. Oknoplast works with renowned European suppliers of components, constantly implementing technological innovations and new functional solutions.


Unique aesthetics is the phrase most frequently used to describe OKNOPLAST's products by those who have bought them. A wide selection of profiles and fills, colours and accessories, and most importantly, the precision of manufacture give OKNOPLAST's products the aesthetic qualities that make them a true showcase for any building.



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