Welcome to the new website for Passive House Plus

Welcome to the new website for Passive House Plus

Welcome to the website of Passive House Plus, an award winning magazine about building and upgrading to the highest standards of energy efficiency, health, comfort and sustainability. At the time of writing the site has been published as a beta version, and can be viewed on PCs, laptops or tablets, with formatting for smart phones set to follow imminently. 

The magazine comes in UK and Irish editions, but it also features the latest innovative projects, products and policies from right around the world, so wherever you’re from, Passive House Plus can help you achieve excellence in building and upgrading.

While our main focus is on astonishingly energy efficient buildings, we also cover other aspects of sustainable building such as indoor air quality, occupant health, water use, and the life cycle of building materials.

On this site you’ll find a combination of free and premium content. There’s no restriction on content including news, blogs and ten year’s worth of feature articles from the archives of Construct Ireland (for a sustainable future), the predecessor magazine to Passive House Plus. You can also register for free to join the Passive House Plus community, and post in the comment threads alongside articles. We’ll eventually be adding an online forum too.

But content from the magazine itself is kept behind a paywall, which enables us to bring in-depth articles and all the latest innovations in sustainable building to readers at minimal cost. For starters subscribers to either the Irish or UK edition of the print magazine gain automatic access to all content behind the paywall – including both the UK and Irish editions in digital form for as little as €25 or £20 STG per year. Alternatively if you want to go paper free, digital subscriptions cost just €10 or £8 STG per year, giving access to all the content that sits behind our paywall, including both the UK and Irish editions. Click here to find which subscription offer best suits you.

And you don’t only gain access to upcoming issues when you subscribe. For as long as you’re a subscriber, you’ll also have access to the digital versions of every back issue. At the time of writing that’s just the first issue, which was published as an Ireland only edition in late 2012.

If you’d like to try out the magazine before you subscribe, you can access the digital version of the first issue for free if you fill out our enquiry form. If you’re looking to build or upgrade, and you want to go to passive house levels or address other aspects of sustainability, then fill out the form, tell us about your project and the kinds of products and services you’d like to consider using, and we’ll pass your enquiry on to the advertisers from our magazine equipped to help you.

Whatever you do, we hope you’ll get involved. Use our comment threads, enquiry forms or email us directly to let us know what you think about the issues that matter to you, and tell us what you think about the site, the magazine itself, and contribute to the ongoing discourse on sustainable building.


Jeff Colley