New online green building video platform launches

New online green building video platform launches

Green Building TV, a new community platform that uses video to communicate ideas, products and services between buyers and sellers — all relating to the sustainable construction sector — is set to go live in mid June. 

According to Green Building TV’s Carl Munson, the new platform is a “compendium channel designed to put two people together. People who have something that can solve a problem, with people who have a problem to be solved.”

Munson said Green Building TV has been created to offer distraction free viewing for the public, with all the information they need in one place without any irrelevant advertising and content. It also provides a platform for suppliers to reach and engage with the right audience.

As a community platform, suppliers are incentivised to contribute by adding video, respond to questions and solicit reviews from their clients. “This keeps the information fresh and relevant for the community,” Munson said.

The audience can comment and rate content and suppliers, and can also contribute by sharing their project experience and knowledge in the forum.

The user experience has been designed to be intuitive, with information, at a glance, easy to find and understand. There are three main sections to Green Building TV.

The channels is a library of video content which covers every aspect of sustainable construction. From building materials to smart technology, and from off grid to the latest innovations, videos have been grouped together to make them easily searchable.

The marketplace is where suppliers each have a directory listing that includes company details, contact information, and videos about the products and services they offer. As this is a community platform, people can leave reviews where they can rate suppliers. They can also ask questions to specific suppliers right in the marketplace.

Meanwhile, the forum is a community space for asking questions and finding information. It is designed to connect people who have knowledge and experience, together with people who are looking for it, and for users to generally get help with their projects.

“If you’re planning a sustainable build or renovation project, or are a supplier to the sustainable building sector, Green Building TV is the place to be,” said Munson. It is entirely free to view and available at

Last modified on Friday, 01 July 2016 09:47