New Dublin development features Zehnder passive-certified MVHR units

New Dublin development features Zehnder passive-certified MVHR units

Flynn Heat Recovery Systems has just completed the installation of 93 Zehnder passive-certified MVHR units in a housing scheme under development by SDR Group at Aikens village, Stepaside, Co Dublin.

Joe Clarke of SDR Group says that these houses represent the second phase of a three phase development. The decision to install the MVHR units, he explains, came as a result of a desire to move with the times. “We hoped it would be a good selling point, and that has been proven in the sales we’ve had to date. It’s been very popular with clients. There’s definitely more of an awareness of what they do than there was three or four years ago.”

Installation went very smoothly. “Since Flynn Heat Recovery Ventilation has been installing these systems, the work has gone very smoothly. You program in the work at the right time, let them into the house, give them their day or two and it just runs like silk...It’s been very successful so far.”

Maurice Flynn of the company confirms that they were able to fit an impressive nine houses within four to five days. He explains that the Zehnder unit is passive certified. “From our experience the quality of these units are excellent, with very good filtration levels, impressive motor life and they offer great energy recovery at very low running costs.”

The MVHR was installed together with the Zehnder manifold ducting system, which offers several advantages, he says. “The end user can expect excellent air quality, delivered through our manifold air distribution system. This system is fully serviceable in the future enabling us to clean each duct completely. We also find the noise levels within the system to be minimal Because you have one individual tube going from the manifold to each room, you have complete control of the air flow servicing that room. There is no interconnecting cross talk between rooms.”

Last modified on Monday, 01 February 2016 15:47