Urban Front integrates passive pet flap in Oxford passive house

Buckinghamshire-based passive house door manufacturer Urban Front can now integrate airtight, insulated, thermally broken Petwalk pet flaps into their door systems, as one of the company’s latest door projects shows. 

The Petwalk pet flap was recently incorporated into one of Urban Front’s doors on a passive house project in Oxford.

The pet flap can be naturally integrated into the appearance of the door with the same finish, so it does not create an eyesore. Petwalk also has a remote control for you to lock it if you need to, and security bolts to ensure no-one or nothing else other than your pet can enter.

Urban Front manufactures the Front e98 Passiv, a passive house certified door with an overall U-value of 0.8.

Last modified on Tuesday, 13 September 2016 09:54

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