Streamlined solar thermal and PV systems launched

Richmond Building Products has announced the launch of its new range of streamline photovoltaic and solar thermal panels.

Tommy Walsh holding Nu-lock solar PV panels going into this 'ecohouse' project
Tommy Walsh holding Nu-lock solar PV panels going into this 'ecohouse' project

Richmond are the sole agents for NuLok, the revolutionary roof fixing system. The new solar panels work in conjunction with the system and so are blended into the roof which Richmond believe gives a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

The method in which roofers fixed slates to roofs had remained unchanged for hundreds of years until 15 years ago when Australian roofer and entrepreneur Bob Hick invented a new type of roof fixing system which was quicker to use, used less slate and was structurally superior to traditional roof fixing and so the NuLok roof fixing system was born. The system works by replacing the traditional wooden batons and nails with a metal grid system. Instead of the slates being nailed or clipped into place, NuLok has special link channels which hold the slate in place. The system only requires the roofer to use a single lapping system to finish the roof – which dramatically reduces the amount of materials required – thus reducing the overall cost and speeding up construction.

Danielle McCormick, group marketing manager for Richmond commented: “Richmond has had the agency for NuLok for nearly two years now. As a large part of our business is in the roofing industry, we saw NuLok as being the future of roofing. Even though we could immediately see how easy the system is to use, we knew there would be an uphill struggle trying to get roofers to change the way they have done things for hundreds of years. However, we have now begun to see it becoming much more widely accepted and we are having to take on additional training staff to meet with the demand of roofers looking to convert to the system. Seeing the future in the sustainable building products industry I was very excited when NuLok informed us of the solar panels they had developed for the system.”

NuLok solar panels blend into the roof as opposed to sitting on top of the roof as is the norm with most conventional panels. It is estimated that 6-8m² of the solar hot water system will provide 70-80% of a household’s hot water needs.

The PV panels are currently being endorsed by the Discovery Channel’s Tommy Walsh who recently used the panels in his ‘Eco-house’ project.

Last modified on Wednesday, 05 March 2008 15:27