Nilan achieves best in class energy ratings

Nilan achieves best in class energy ratings

Nilan Ireland has announced that all Nilan heat pumps have achieved best-in-class performance under the EU’s new Ecodesign Directive, which came into force last September.

The Ecodesign Directive sets the framework establishing requirements for the environmentally friendly design of energy-related products. It provides energy-related products with a label based on their energy efficiency, similar to the label which already exists for white goods such as refrigerators and washing machines.

All of Nilan’s heat pumps achieve A++ ratings under the new labelling system. The popular Nilan Compact P combined heating & ventilation system for passive houses is classified as a water heater and achieves an A rating, the highest possible in that category.

Nilan Ireland’s Maurice Falvey told Passive House Plus that as part of the directive all the company’s heat pumps are tested to the new EU standard EN14825 which sets criteria for the seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) testing of heat pumps, to a design ambient air temperature of -10C, which Falvey pointed out is more than sufficient for the Irish market.

“From my point of view it’s great because a potential purchaser anywhere in Europe can select a heat pump from the same test criteria and knows exactly the SCOP based on their climate demands,” he said of the directive.

He added that EN14825 assess the dynamic performance of heat pumps in real world conditions whereas, by contrast, SEAI’s Harp Database still uses the old EN14511 standard, which uses static conditions to determine COP.

“SCOP testing does favour inverter operated heat pump compressors, as they meet space heating requirements more precisely whereas fixed stop-start heat pumps perform poorly in this case,” Falvey said. “For example, in Denmark only heat pumps tested to EN14825 are allowed on to their heat pump database after September 15, whereas EN14511 tested heat pumps were removed.”

Nilan’s mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) systems will soon feature the energy labels too, Falvey told Passive House Plus.

Last modified on Thursday, 11 February 2016 16:13