DVS install passive roof lights at University of Leicester’s Centre for Medicine

DVS install passive roof lights at University of Leicester’s Centre for Medicine

Leading passive house rooflight supplier DVS recently designed, supplied and installed two large Passive House Institute-certified glass roofs for the University of Leicester’s Centre for Medicine, the largest non-residential building built to the passive house standard in the UK. 

Each measuring 6.5m by 15.6m, the two glass roofs utilise the well proven Lamilux PR60energysave system, installed with a surface inclination of just 3 degrees. This project is among many passive-certified rooflights installed by DVS, the first UK rooflighting business to specialise in passive house projects.

As the world’s first passive house certified glazed roof system, the PR60energysave sets the benchmark for energy efficiency standards for atrium glazing. It has been independently assessed by the Passive House Institute and awarded the highest efficiency rating, the phA Advanced Component classification.

The system features a Ucwi value for the complete skylight of less than 0.82 W/m2K, utilising warm edge triple layer glazing with SuperSpacer as standard.

The aluminium extruded mullion/transom glazing bar system allows for designs of any shape, inclination and size, and can be supplied in any RAL colour.

At the University of Leicester’s Centre for Medicine, two atria feature glazed vertical sections with six opening vents in addition to the glass roofs, bringing high levels of daylight and natural ventilation to public areas within the building.

The centre provides a new home for the university’s medical education, health sciences and psychology departments, with approximately 12,000 square metres of teaching rooms, academic offices, dry lab research facilities and support spaces capable of accommodating more than 2350 staff and students. 

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